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Семинар № 162 (25.10.2019)
Научно-исследовательский технологический институт (НИТИ) Ульяновского госуда?ственного униве?ситета (УлГУ)


Уважаемые друзья!



Welcome to the website of Technological Research Institute of Ulyanovsk State University (UlSU) and thank you for your interest to our Institute.

Our Institute was founded at the beginning of 2009 with the purpose of developing scientific research and innovative infrastructure in the University for the creation and developing on its basis small innovative business and systematic interaction with enterprises of the economy real sector.

The Institute integrates the elements of scientific research infrastructure and all the elements of innovative infrastructure of ULSU: Technopark of ULSU, Center for Nanotechnology and Materials of ULSU, Center of Social Usage of ULSU, Research and Education Center of Radiation Technology, Research and Education Center of Laser and Fiber Optic Technology, Center of CALS Technology and some other innovative technological centers.

The prior activities of the Institute are: nuclear and radiation technologies, laser and fiber optic technologies, new materials, medical-biological and ecology researches, information technologies.

On our website you can learn about the activity results of the Institute and the list of services which may be in great demand for you and your companies. I hope this website will be interesting and useful for your further work and it will initiate a new, efficient and beneficial collaboration.

With best regards,
Professor, PhD
Honored Science and Engineering Worker of
Ulyanovsk region,
Director of Technological Research Institute of ULSU,
Vyacheslav Svetukhin.


Inorganic Materials Behavior Simulation Laboratory

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The Laboratory deals with the creation and developing of scientific, technical and educational base of Research and Education Center of Radiation Technology researches in the field of modeling the constructive materials behavior of operating and projectable nuclear fusion and fission reactors under irradiation.

Chemical Analytical Laboratory

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The Laboratory performs water sample analysis (natural water, drinking water, waste water and storm water), soil analysis (ground, bed silt, mud) and wastes of organic nature origin, chemical origin, municipal wastes, including domestic wastes analysis. It develops ecology documentation (the environmental object) and industrial security documentation.

Probe and Electron Microscopy Laboratory

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The Laboratory performs the investigations of biological objects morphology by the atomic-force microscopy method; the investigations of quality and quantity characteristics of metal and semiconductor structures by the probe microscopy method.

Molecular and Cellular Biology Laboratory

bio1_0.JPG bio2_0.JPG

The Laboratory performs quantity biochemical and immunologic analysis of biomaterial. It prepares and gives out the reports of biochemical and immunological analysis.

Solid State Electronics Laboratory

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The Laboratory deals with the developing, modeling and experimental research of multilayer semiconductor structures and devices with positive feedback; semiconductor devices with built-in protection against breakdown; position sensitive photodetector; methods of radiation modification of semiconductor devices.

Technopark “ULSU-High Technology”

P1000451_0.JPG P1000443_0.JPG P1000444_0.JPG

Technopark “ULSU-High Technology” establishes close relations between science and business; participates in the developing of small innovative business; helps the companies to master new technologies; creates the conditions for maintenance, preparation and retraining personnel in the field of high technology.

Center of CALS Technology

Center of CALS Technology deals with computer modeling of products ordered by enterprises’ customers; constructions calculation (engineering analysis); modeling of process: fallibility of casting forms, sheet-metal stamping; making systems of managing companies recourses; electronic documents circulation, system of performing projects after-sales service.